Oh I NEED to share my great smelling hair secret

Ok, lets face it I am a hugger. I have gotten so many complements when I use my special “get together” Shampoo and Conditioner… I usually just stick to professional brands on my hair (I am a former Beautician) but on those get together with friends and family or a night out, I use different products. Using these different products works 2 fold… I am a firm believer in switching shampoo and conditioners now and then to benefit from different ingredients/features of the other products… secondly the scent is heavenly and it never fails to get a complement. 

I love Bath and Body Works… especially 2 fragrances: “Moonlight Path” and “Sensuality- Jasmine Vanilla” you can usually find these in Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner… and sometimes in Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner.

New Contests located at Product Girl

I found, what looks like 6 pages of contests to enter at: http://www.product-girl.com/archives/category/giveaways/ (I say looks like, because I am on page 2 so far). The contests that I am entering here so far tend toward beauty products, one of those stick diffusers for scenting your house and a blow dryer included with makeup, nail polish and even the big name of Mario Badescu is in this sweepstakes and his product being given way is an Acne Repair Kit.

For the Product Girl Giveaways, you will need to email them your entries so be prepared to do that. I saw mention of “this weeks” giveaways while reading their site so, even though these are one entry only, it appears that there will be more Giveaways after these expire.

Good luck everyone!

Weather lookout tonight.

Well it looks like tonight is going to just be darn cold out and raining, maybe mixed with snow… nothing fun for the beginning of Fall, like a great big snow storm.

I tried to work with setting up a chat gadget for this blog but with no luck, I didn’t like the way one looked and you couldn’t get a username on it, so… this and some other features will have to wait.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful night, I am stepping away from this project for a while so I can go take the second hot bath of the night, trying to get my pain level down.

Please feel free to drop me a comment and say hello etc… and if you have suggestions on improvements to this blog with gadgets and how I can get them going here, please feel free to let me know.

Hello And Welcome to my new Blog

I tend to ramble so here is where I can cut loose and be witnessed doing so by unsuspecting Internet users that stumble upon this blog.

Watch soon for more info and the beginnings of my ramblings, watch out it’s bound to be a bumpy road.

Side Note:
I, like many others in Colorado tonight, am sitting tight waiting to see what the weather will bring tonight… the news reports so far are ever changing, but it looks like this, the first day of Fall may also be the first snowfall of the season.

I am crossing my fingers that I may get a chance to take some great new snow pictures with my new camera soon. I love taking pictures of the weather and the sky and maybe I shall torture people here with some of these pictures soon.