My recent bout of illness and a link about care for Chronic Pain.

Wow, it’s been a while, I’ve been in exhaustive pain and some sort of illness here, thus my lack of attention to my blogs as of late. My husband teases me about maybe I ate Spinach… not unless a cooked Delite Pizza with the Spinach, Garlic Sauce, dried tomatoes and chicken (all cooked up) would have anything to do with it. I researched the time line, it does fit it with the up to 9 days for E-coli to kick in. But for now I keep this low grade fever and wrap in a warm blanket, stick close to my heating pad (even almost 80 degrees in the house is cold to me right now) and keep drinking lots of fluids as I have a terrible case of the runs. Unless I get worse I don’t see a reason to seek the doctor. Boy I tell you it’s like the worst bug I’ve ever had in years! And I thought my pain level was terrible before!

Speaking about pain, particularity chronic pain, like I suffer and many others do from whatever the cause… myself of course it’s Fibromyalgia primarily and then the Lupus SLE and the mixed of assorted associated illnesses… I found an article that I needed to post a link to here. Maybe there will be hope over the horizon for all of us to get the pain management we need to get finally. I don’t know about you but my Vicodine has been used for so many years that it hardly fazes my pain level any longer, but they hesitate to prescribe anything more. If chronic pain is an issue for you or a loved one here is a link to a great article well worth your reading: here’s your link… click on the word LINK.

I hope that this finds you all well and happy today… See you soon!

Looking for more chances to win your favorite prizes?

Hi there… and good Morning!

I thought for today I would share something that I do every now and then, when I see a site giving away a great prize, I check to see if someone is sponsoring the prize. If there is a sponsor, do a search for them online and about 75% of the time you will see that they also are holding a sweepstakes or contest to enter. Also check out the manufacturers site to see if they are running a contest or sweepstakes online… the chances of that are about 25% of the time, it may not be the same item you want… decide if it’s worth entering or not (don’t waste your time on things you don’t want or things you don’t think you can turn around and sell on eBay… more on my thoughts of EBay later in this post,) if it’s not worth entering for this item, don’t totally dismiss the site, create a bookmark/Favorites on your browser labeled “Sweepstakes & Contests” and add this page to your collection. I have gone so far as to create a folder in my Favorites/Bookmarks that is labeled “freebies & Contests” then I’ve created sub folders.
My subfolders are labeled “Freebies” (for sites known to offer freebies so to be sure to check them out every so often, ) “Contests and Sweepstakes.” I have gone one more step in Contests and Freebies folder (sub-subfolders, if you will) and labeled them “Daily,” “weekly,” “monthly” and “check frequently”… then I keep a notebook… for the one time entries, where they were at and when they begin and end, so I can go back and check again to see if they’ve posted a new contest later and of course to I don’t get disqualified for entering more then once.

Okay my thoughts on EBay… Yes eBay is great for those collectors items and other things that we win and won’t appreciate. These items can be sold for a profit. When it comes to Collectors items sometimes it’s worth hanging onto for a while and when it can’t be found easily in stores or online, it will be worth even more. Now don’t hang onto them too long or you will be stuck waiting, hoping and praying that the Collectors will once again have an active “craze” over something, like the “Beanie Babies” that I appear to be stuck with… silly me I won only one and then I found a bunch in great shape for cheap at a Thrift Store and I purchased them hoping to make a profit… then I look into them and find out I waited too long and that must be why all those Beanies in great shape (tags and all) were given to the Thrift Store. *sigh* Ah well, I am waiting, hoping and praying that the craze will suddenly be active again on these… if not ah well. *smile*

Well, that’s it for today, this here lady’s hands, arms and neck are acting up today and I fear I’ve used up my energies for now.

Till next time, have fun, enter those contests, sweepstakes and get those freebies… Keep good records and for the fun of it, keep records on your wins!

Organizing: Are you a botton and Bead collector?

I have been a bead collector since my childhood when a neighbors necklace broke and she gave me the beads. Unfortunatly because of my loosing everything in a trailer back about 16 years ago on my move from Minneapolis MN, to Boulder Colorado (with my ex… arghhh… don’t get me started about the abuse and not being able to cry on the trip) I lost all my bead collection, my button collection, stamp collection etc etc…

I have once again with my new life (new wonderful husband of 14 years, who has dissapointed me yet) slowly started accumulating beads, buttons, bobbins of thread (thanks to my Grandmothers collection , god rest her soul) … of course nice neighbor ladies etc haven’t been adding to my collection like they did when I was a child, so I’ve had to buy my collection bit by bit. I have now enough buttons and beads that I need to start to keep them organized.

I found some of those Craft compartment boxes with lids… small but they work and they are relatively cheap… I believe these are to organize embroidery floss for needle point or something of the sort. I have found these little boxes on sale (they have about 12 or so little square compartments in them) and I have beads in 2 of these boxes and buttons in 1… my idea for organizing them is I’ve organized them by colors. So far it works great and it’s better they the old jars I used to keep them in. for the buttons and beads, if there are a lot of a matching set (all the same) I will string them on some thread to keep them together. Then when I get to sewing and need buttons, I know right away if a have a large enough amount of the color I want… then I can go to my beads and see what colors I have to make matching jewelry.

Well this is all I have for today. I hope to see you around soon, it’s been nuts here with the pain levels so I have been a tad lax the past couple of days on posting to any of my Blogs.

Take care, till next post…

Well… another day of Pain.

Okay, so I took my nighttime meds lastnight and slept until noon today (I hate those meds, I sleep too much and still need an afternoon nap.) It was a wicked day yesterday as the sun was setting I finally thought I had the pain under control, I was going to take the dog for a walk and as we emerged from our “cubby” as my neighbor in a nearby Apartment calls it, I heard a wild screech, it scared the heck out of me (instant stiffness not good for the Fibromyalgia) and looked up after waving to a neighbor or two and there was a bird stuck… as I looked carefully the poor thing had its wing caught on a string that went from the 3rd floor apartments gutter (middle of that half of the building) and to the exact opposite on the nearby apartment building. How long was that string there??? Well my neck had started acting up already with my lifting my head to look at the bird… I let the dog do his thing quickly and placed him back inside. All the neighbors were gathered around and the guys on the 3rd floor of my building where struggling to get their screen off the window to cut the string. I went in briefly and sprayed down with bug spray, I was getting eaten alive out there and put on a coat, it was chilly. Well they had cut the string and the bird went flying across to the other building… on inspection of the bird from a little distance he was laying still… my neighbors told me it was a young Falcon… the first one I’ve seen up close, it was about the size of any other bird, that’s why they said it was young. It was hard to see in the bushes and didn’t appear to be moving… I ran in and got my phone. I tried to reach animal control, but they were only taking messages on their answering machine, so I called the non-emergency police number for help. I went in and took more pain meds… didn’t help a bit. The guys from 3rd floor in my apartment building cut more string and slowly pulled it loose from the Falcon. Just as I receive a call from Animal Rescue, the bird was freed… but he could only fly about 2 feet and then would walk for a while and then fly 2 feet (low to the ground each time) and walk a while again and again… the voice on the other end was hopeful that if we left the falcon alone his parents would take care of him… I don’t know he was in the road and as soon as he was off the road, he went back on it again. *sigh* Well that’s the stuff that makes pain like mine so much worse… looking up hurts my old neck injury and bam… just like my bumping my head on something, I get to suffer for about a week or two as a result with terrible neck pain. So here goes my day. Bummer… I thought I had my pain under control yesterday, but it was a false hope. *sigh*

Well, I once again was the only neighbor to pick up the phone for help… like with the hot water going out, the neighbors having a party and a big fight happens outside etc etc… I am so disappointed that these people for the most part would have just stood by and stared at the bird as he died… if I hadn’t been there to prompt action things just wouldn’t have gotten done. We went without hot water this last Spring for 4 days before I finally made the call… I thought if I just let it go that someone else in these apartments would call, but no, each time it’s up to me. I hate that the police and the apartment managers are all getting to know me as a complainer… What am I to do?

Well I need to give my arms and hands a break and my neck needs some more icing… I will let you go for now.

Here’s hoping that this Blog finds you and yours doing well today!

Welcome to my new Blog

Yes, I am “That Arts and Crafts Nut!” self proclaimed, I admit that I’ve been called better… “The Goddess of Crafting” and a “Renisance Woman”… but lets face it, I am an all around do it yourselfer but I am also an artist at heart, I love Oil Painting. But I love to dabble in all sorts of misc crafting as well… like beading, embroidery, sewing, knitting, crocheting, rug making out of old t-shirts, painting on wood with any old design be it tole or my own things like flowers etc… I love to make soap, candles you name it.

Now I must admit that with all my interests I don’t have time for much… but being disabled and at home all the time I have more time then most and at the same time less time then most as I am in chronic pain that sometimes keeps me from the things I love to do the most. A mixed bag of pros and cons… I can escape through my artwork as long as the pain stays at one level, but once it rises to a higher level or if I over do it, it ruins the escape. Even though there will never be enough time in life for all the things I want to do (and some restrictions on what I can and can’t do at any given time) I plan to do my Arts and Crafts to the very end!

When I can’t do my arts and crafts, I will be posting on latest projects and fansinating arts and crafts stuff I find online, as well as venting about my pain at my other blog focusing on Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia this blog can be found HERE… or I will be posting on another passion, Sweepstakes, Contests, Surveys for Money etc on my Blog “how to be a Successful Slacker” which can be found HERE.

Well my pain and energy quota has been met and exceeded for now, so I need to cut this off for a while… I shall see you soon! I look forward to sharing with you and getting to know others with common interests online soon.