Come on Slack off and enter some fun Contests and Sweeps!

Hi there…

As promised I am back once again with another (although quick) post. For Daily entries here you will find a nice place for ongoing entering contests/sweepstakes… Bella Online this is mostly Gal related stuff, but hey, great winnings for future gift giving guys! Heck you could win something for me while your at it! *giggle*
Notice that the link I gave you is to their main contest page and that there are 4 catagorized pages listed here! Check them all out, though the last two “Entertainment” and “Trivia” are usually empty.

I am sorry, they are predicting some nasty weather here today and if my body is correct, it’s going to actually happen today… (yesturday the storms hit all around us, but they didn’t get to us as perdicted, yet I still felt awful… but not this early in the day…) I cannot type much more right now.

I hope that this finds all you wanna be slackers out there doing fine!

Good Afternoon…

Well, I still see that I need to get some work done here, but I am non the less popping in and leaving a note behind. Things have been slow of the freebie and contest front this past weekend, but hopefully I will have some news for you soon!

have you checked out yet? You can find all sorts of listings in there forums for freebies and for contests/sweepstakes… while your waiting for me to finally update, you may as well have some fun! *ttfn*

Just Checking in…

I have just updated a bunch of info on my computer… after a crash a while back, I’ve been fighting to get things back up and running well. Now that the old hard drive is out of the computer and what was my secondary hard drive is now my only drive… I should be up and running fine from now on. Looks like I have a lot of blogging to do… I still need to set up a blog for Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Chronic Pain… please respond with any ideas as to how to entitle this new blog venue… I can’t promise anyone that I will use there suggestions, but I would love to hear them.

I also need to get the blog (s) going for Crafting… I love to crochet, knit, paint (mostly oil painting) and I love to dabble in a lot of other crafts…. including sewing, cooking etc… Go ahead and post any suggestions you have for how to start that blog as well and any topics of discussions for either this or the Chronic Pain blog (or whatever we are going to call it) to… I will gladly look at all your suggestions this may actually help me find my way to actually doing these tasks! *grin*

Well I am going to log on later on today and try to post some interesting links that I had tried to share with a friend who’s online with AOL… (these are all for this Slacker blog… some new freebie information to check out.) For some reason the emails that I’ve sent to my friend with links in them are not clickable or usable in AOLs format, maybe if I can get her here to my blogs, she will have a way to visit the places I’ve been trying to tell her about. *smile*

Well, it’s time for this gal to get to work here… I have some “homework” to do on the computer before bed tonight and then I will be logging on tomorrow and trying to make sure that I will have things set up to accomidate my posting as often as possible from here on out…

Take care everyone and I hope that you will come back and visit me soon!!!