Sleepless Night Equals a Good Night For Sweeping.

I hope someone out there is getting a nice nights sleep… I suppose my husband is, but he complains that it’s not such a good sleep when I am not by his side (he’s such a sweetie-pie!)

The weather must be changing, my neck, shoulders, hips and knees are letting me know. A change in the weather, and today it was in the mid to upper 70’s near record temperatures for the Denver Area, here in Colorado.

On to the good stuff… I found an excellent place for Contests and Sweepstakes listings… But (before I get too far ahead of myself) I highly recommend that you check out a very useful program that saves you time and helps you keep track of all the Sweepstakes and Contests. The program is called “SWEEP!” and It even helps you fill out those nasty forms. You can get this Program here:
Don’t worry the program is Free and Spyware Free, not even the popup ads that were on it for a year or so about 4 or 5 years ago…I do however recommend that if you get a lot of use out of the program that you send a little donation to the Creator.

Okay… Now back to the first place that I will send you to, here you can find many Sweepstakes and Contests to enter. All the Contests are categorized(by prize.)They will also show you the allotted entries (be they: Daily, Monthly, Weekly or Once) and inform you of any special rules and ending dates. I am sure that you will note how helpful this is when you use “Sweep!” Also don’t forget to copy and paste the URL into the “Web Site” box inside your “Sweep!” program. The website that I recommend to check out is at:

And now for a fun place to visit that has a contest… This place is Space related and is full of fun toys, collectibles, patches as well as almost anything related to the space program and the space shuttles etc… Here the prize is a T-shirt, one catch though, you must sign up for their newsletter to be entered.
Good Luck, here is the link:
Space T-shirt to Win!

Good bye and good night for now… In my next post I hope to give you some helpful hints on setting up your “Sweep!” program.

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