I am alive and Blogging

Well I am back, sorry for the couple of weeks or so of my lack of attention here. I have decided that I am going to create several different blogs, one for Chronic Pain and illness (or for more specifically Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia…) I decided that my “Successful Slacker” blog is not appropriate for venting on my illness, who wants to here that when we can talk about fun things here? And another Blog for Beauty and household Recipes, probably including my Crafts in this one… any input from my readers would be greatly appreciated.

I have been having a rough time struggling with my Chronic Pain issues here and that is my poor excuse for not posting fun stuff… I need to remember that no matter what I am feeling (pain wise) that I need to still allow for the fun things in my life that I can do regardless of my pain level… and that is my Contests and Sweeps entering and Freebies online.

Well folks please accept my sincerest of apologies for the lack of attention here and I promise to at least keep this updated once or twice a week. Okay? Am I forgiven?

Please do feel free to leave messages for me, about things you’d like to hear about on my blog… and I will do my best to answer all your questions.

Take Care and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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