Freebie Alet: Cold Weather? Well here’s some free Ice Cream to Warm you up! *smile*

Yup… I am not kidding Free Ice Cream…hey and it’s Ben and Jerry’s at that! Have I got your attention? I know it got mine!
There is a link on this page on the left hand column, with a little blue guy and it reads “be a Chunk Spelunker”… Click on that link, sign up and you will recieve a coupon (through the mail in 2 to 4 weeks) for a FREE PINT!

Here is your Link:

Oh and after signing up check out the “fun stuff” link (top of the page) there are some interesting passtimes for the hardcore fan, like Screensavers, silly games and even “the Flavor Graveyard” (Boo Scary!) *giggle*


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