Freebie Alet: Cold Weather? Well here’s some free Ice Cream to Warm you up! *smile*

Yup… I am not kidding Free Ice Cream…hey and it’s Ben and Jerry’s at that! Have I got your attention? I know it got mine!
There is a link on this page on the left hand column, with a little blue guy and it reads “be a Chunk Spelunker”… Click on that link, sign up and you will recieve a coupon (through the mail in 2 to 4 weeks) for a FREE PINT!

Here is your Link:

Oh and after signing up check out the “fun stuff” link (top of the page) there are some interesting passtimes for the hardcore fan, like Screensavers, silly games and even “the Flavor Graveyard” (Boo Scary!) *giggle*


A Contest Win and a Freebie Arrived for the Successful Slacker!

Okay, A Freebie arrived the other day for me… a Free Skein of yarn (Bernat “Disco”) From MARY MAXIM (a needlework and crafts Catalog.) It appears that they are still actively sending out the free yarn…Here is the Link:

And I won an Instant win game (Still Active of Course) for a free whole bottle (not sample size) of a New Moisturizer… I am waiting currently on their “Validation” and an email with instructions on how to claim my prize.
here is the link:

Well that’s the good news for the moment, I will be posting some more fun stuff to do online soon.

Sporting and Outdoor Contests and Sweeps to Enter.

On the subject of outdoor and sport Contests, I thought I’d give you a view of something special to look at. This is a picture of our (my husband’s and my) favorite fishing spot, up in the mountains of Colorado.

I shall edit this post soon to give you some contests and sweepstakes that will go with this picture, right now I have a knock at the door and I will post the links upon my return.

A quick link here for you Sport Trivia Buffs, Win a $50 Gift Certificate….
This is what I got with today’s entry:
11-26-05….Thank you for entering the trivia contest. The correct answer is Pennsylvania
Here is the link:
Careful, sometimes this URL doesn’t show up all the time… seems to be a popular Contest, but believe me it’s still there.

I have company so I will return soon as I get them settled in and see if they want to join me while I blog. *smile*

Here we are… some more contests and sweeps links:

Several Contests at Outdoor Life:

Bass Pro Shops $15,000 Shopping Spree!:

Win the Ultimate Tailgating F-150:

ESPN The Weekend Sweepstakes (win a trip to ESPN Weekend at Walt Disney Resorts:)

Win with the ESPN “Score with the Reward Zone Sweepstakes:”

I am alive and Blogging

Well I am back, sorry for the couple of weeks or so of my lack of attention here. I have decided that I am going to create several different blogs, one for Chronic Pain and illness (or for more specifically Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia…) I decided that my “Successful Slacker” blog is not appropriate for venting on my illness, who wants to here that when we can talk about fun things here? And another Blog for Beauty and household Recipes, probably including my Crafts in this one… any input from my readers would be greatly appreciated.

I have been having a rough time struggling with my Chronic Pain issues here and that is my poor excuse for not posting fun stuff… I need to remember that no matter what I am feeling (pain wise) that I need to still allow for the fun things in my life that I can do regardless of my pain level… and that is my Contests and Sweeps entering and Freebies online.

Well folks please accept my sincerest of apologies for the lack of attention here and I promise to at least keep this updated once or twice a week. Okay? Am I forgiven?

Please do feel free to leave messages for me, about things you’d like to hear about on my blog… and I will do my best to answer all your questions.

Take Care and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Freebies…Motorcycle Contests and more…

Good Afternoon to all!

It’s a windy afternoon today, no motorcycle rides today, unless it’s for a nearby destination. *sigh* Maybe the winds will settle down later this afternoon or it will be a better day tomorrow.

Okay, speaking of Motorcycles here are some contests to enter to win a Motorcycle or Motorcycle related items… and a link to my hubbys (soon to be updated…) Wholesale website:

Here is the hubbys website: (sorry no contest here currently)…
I almost forgot, click on any link “men’s leather,” “ladies leather,”Accessories and Misc.” and
you will see a comic Character of my husband, of course created on the computer by me… it makes him look huge… *giggle* he has a great sense of humor to place this up on his website,
someday soon I will post an actuall picture on him here for you to see. *smile*

Here is a Motorcycle website:
(okay the above is not for an actual Motorcycle but a beautiful yellow Ducati Model) this contest is a ONE ENTRY PER PERSON and it ends on December 31, 2005. I personally
would mark this one for checking back frequently since they almost always have a new
contest going on.

Here is a Honda Parts and accessories website:
here you can make a wish list and win the parts or accessories that you place in your

I Saved the Best for Last… a Harley Davidson V-Rod!:
0&wfstrid=wfsd.8240&blank=0#7rules Yes, you need to fill out a survey to win this beauty, but wouldn’t it be worth it? I tried to get one to come up with a simple URL but this is all I could do (note that I linked you to a Secure server for this form… safety is the best policy as always online… *smile*)

Well, back to Freebies, here is a link to a wonderful newsletter for in your email box, this will keep you updated on on the latest and greatest of freebies, with no more need to search for them on your own… Just Click here to check them out.

Here is one last Freebies Link for you today:
this place has a lot of new freebies added daily so check back here often.

Good Luck everyone and have a great weekend!